How to discover your way through pain.

Migraine pain… How do emotional reactions relate to migraine pain?  When you think about the migraine what sensations do you notice in the body?  What emotions to you notice?  Separately identifying the body sensations and the emotions have a huge positive impact on the body experience of pain.  With the letting go of panic, the noticing of ok-ness is there when we can have these experiences separately.  Notice the sensation in the body, then the image of suffering and loss, then the emotion of panic and fear.  Where do you feel the fear in the body?  Where dose does that hit you?  Slow it down.  Witness.  Just the environment, the body in that environment.  Sensations.   Support.  Breath.


Migraines can be part of a habit.  There are habits of pain, panic, fear.  Come back to the environment, listening to the sounds, the breath… notice the next time the mind wanders and fear happens, this big thing, big reaction comes up.  What is happening?  Now in the environment of the body, what is the breath doing?  Notice the pause between drama and big or small swing of emotions.  Exciting.  Exhilarating.  Addicting.  And there it goes.  Gone.  Ha.  Smile.

You are ok.  It is ok.  I am ok.  Now.  Heartbeat.  A nice place to visit.  Check out.  Clean up.  Move in.  Reside.  Are you Ok?  Until the next w swing of emotion and thought.  Are you Ok now?  Until the next movie comes along and we jump in, whoa it is a roller coaster, up and down, blame, anger, want, resentment and fear.  That gets the adrenaline going.  What sensations are happening in the biology now?  Tingling, warmth?  Breeze moving, the heart beating.  Wonderful!

Coming back to noticing reality is wonderful.  What is actually happening?  Now, now and next?  Without the story of migraine what is happening?  Without the story of migraine are you Ok?  Notice the next time you are off on a mental trip and how those emotions rev up the story.  What is the movie?  Come back to breath, body, reality, and welcome sensation.

Reality and the sensation conveyor belt is way better than the story we put on it.  I love you.  Enjoy your sensations and emotions.  Arn’t they exciting?!?

The Work Of Byron Katie

I have a need that is not met.  Is it true?

I have been sharing about the levels of cause of migraine pain and getting back in the driver’s seat.  Back in control of migraines.  1.  Pain.  2.  Muscle Tension Referring Pain.  3.  Posture Causing Muscle Tension Causing Pain.  4.  Stress, Fear, and Beliefs Causing Posture Causing Muscle Tension Causing Pain.

This post will address the 4th level of belief and stress.  Travel with me and find where in time and space and with who you believe what I believed.

I was 9 years old sleeping in my bed under the covers cozy and warm.  My brother Mike came and woke me up and said “Mom died.”

In that moment I believed a bunch of thoughts including “She Died”, “I need her”, “I need her to not leave me alone”, and “I need her to love me”.  I have been believing that for 33 years.  15 of those years I have been doing The Work of Byron Katie (  Testing what I believe with inquiry on specific thoughts from a specific moment in time just like the ones from the situation described above.

Well I found myself writing a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet on this moment and questioning those thoughts.

I need her love.  Is it true?

She is not there in that moment in the physical.

I need her love.  Is it true?

What do you say?

What happens when you believe you need someone who is not there?  I suffered for 33 years believing I needed her.  Hopeless.  Lack.

I need her love.  Is it true?

Answer that for yourself.  If you want peace and to find out what is true for you.  No right or wrong answer.

I need her love.  Is it true?  Can you absolutely know it is true?  Wait and find a Yes or No for these first 2 questions.  There may be many movies and emotions happening  as you watch and come back to waiting for a simple Yes or No.

Next question, how do you react when you believe that thought that you need her love when she is not there?  Suffering, pain, fear, terror and anguish.  This is where I panic and retreat or freeze.  I see a world where I can never get what I need.  That sucks, big time!  Part of me is stuck in that and seeing that everywhere through the days and years and relationships.  I see myself limping around carrying that pain.

Who would you be without that thought “I need her love”?  This is the next question, from that situation who would you be if you could not think I need her love?  Listen, wait…

Is it quieter?  Without suffering?  Amazingly delicious love lapping at my feet and all around me.  Filling me with love, solid, grounded and strong.  Wow, so good!

Those are the 4 questions of The Work of Byron Katie and the next part is finding turnarounds or opposites.  I need my love.  How is that true in that situation?  When I am clear about the love that is here I have it, here, mine.  That is what I have.  When I am aware of that I do not suffer panic trying to get love.  It keeps me clear, kind, and much more effective.

I do not need her love.  How is that true?  In that moment she is not there and I found in stillness and questioning I was Ok, loved.  I was in bed, with my covers and pillow.  My brother was there.  I was breathing and felt so much love.  No need to panic,  it did not bring mom back.  The panic did not change reality.  I have her love.  In me.

I need to love her.  Yes.  When I believe I need her love I blame her and make her wrong and the cause of my suffering.  I see her image and feel pain and sorrow.  Without the thought I need her love I feel it greet me gently all around, filling me and there is nothing I can do about it.  It makes me giggle and smile.

I am so grateful for this journey!  I wanted to share it with you.  There is a way out of suffering.  You are supported and invite you to test it.  Question the thoughts that scare you.  Be gentle.  Love you!


Can a massage session really end pain? Ready to blow your mind?

Massage for pain relief has been the most amazing and fascinating work for me.   What I discovered in the dentist chair about pain is not what you find in a typical massage.  Read on and discover for yourself what blew my mind about pain.

I was overdue for a cleaning and my gums were irritated.  I have a great dentist and as he was using the power tool to clean along my gums I noticed I was gripping the chair.  My breath was shallow and there was tightness in my chest and belly.  My jaw, head and neck hurt.

I noticed the thought “It is going to hurt”.  I thought of Byron Katie and her work at and I asked the first question of The Work, “Is it true?”  Is it true that it is going to hurt?  I sat in the chair leaned back and wondered if it is true.  1.  It is going to hurt?  Yes.

2.  Can I know for sure it is going to hurt?  NO!

3.  How do I react when I believe it is going to hurt?  All the stress and tension that I noticed earlier came rolling back in with a boatload of fear hitting my chest.  Freezing kind of fear.  Panic.  Oh $#%#!  I notice when he hits a tender place with the spinning cleaning tool on the gums it hurts a lot against all of the resistance to the hurt.  Sinus pressure.  Headache.  I can feel a migraine.

4. Who would I be without that thought?  A man sitting in the dentist chair having his teeth cleaned.  Open.  Supported.  Kind. Breathing and feeling good.  Then he hits one of those tender spots.  Ouch!  That hurt!  Ok, back to who would I be without that thought it is going to hurt?  It is over.  Breath, open amazement!  Light and full of awe and gratitude!  Then another sharp wince and ouch, a shock in my head.  Ok, there it was again, that hurt.  Back to Who would I be without the thought it is going to hurt?   Neutral open, deeper and deeper breaths come and sweep through.  Wow!  What a great experience!!!  Then a few more winces with less impact and less time out in pain or shock.  Less time to recover.  Then I notice a wince and jump and then the word “pain”.  I was amazed to find that the shock was over by the time the word pain hit.  By the time the word hit my brain the event was over.  The word and label pain was not true by the time it arrived.  Wow!

“Pain” was not even true just a split second later than dental tool hit that spot.

Turn the thought around and find the opposite.  1. It is not going to hurt.  Because it is over.  Well it does not hurting now, and now and now.  It is a thought and image of a future.  That image does not hurt.  Hurray!  Just a picture!  It is just a sensation that does not last even the time to identify it.  2. My thoughts are going to hurt.  Yes, when they are believed, unquestioned and about future pain.  Thoughts about tooth pain, drills and needles is what was hurting when I was bracing myself in the chair.  3. I am going to hurt.  Yes, when I am caught believing these thoughts.  Caught in fear.  When I am in shock.

What an amazing journey.  For 20 years I have been helping people get out of pain.  All that was apparently for me.  Thank you.  This discovery has been following me in my work with clients who have been wishing to be out of pain. The journey keeps getting richer and more fascinating.  Would you like to play?  I offer a free consult.  Have you been caught in pain?  Go to or call me at 520-449-2128.

Gary Olsen, Massage Therapist

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Tucson Family Wellness

Video Testimonial for Massage for Pain Relief

Migraine Massage: 4 Stages to Relieve Migraines

Migraines do not have to control your life.  Here I will share 4 Stages of Getting Out of Pain.  If you have migraine pain there are 3 other stages that you want to know about to reduce pain and get back in control.

Stage 1.  Pain:  In the past 20 years of being a massage therapist most of the people who come with me have pain that they want to be relieved.  Massage is very good for this!  It is very comforting.  There are so many techniques that relieve pain and allow other sensations to fill that space and spread through the whole body.

Stage 2.  Muscle Tension:  Here is where we determine where the pain is coming from.  With Neuro-Muscular Massage Therapy the research shows when a point in the muscles of the neck that has a lot of tension in it and a trigger point the pain shows up in the head.  Oh, that means the source is in the neck and the symptom (pain) is in the head.  I teach people how and where to attend to the muscle tension points on their own between massage sessions.  The picture shows 2 trigger points and the red areas are the pain.  

Stage 3.  Posture:  So moving more into the driver’s seat and away from pain, what causes that muscle tension that is causing pain?  I evaluate posture to see what muscles are holding short and what ones are overstretched.  We use myofascial work to open up those areas that have been holding short and tight.  Bad computer workstations are a huge contributor to muscle tension that causes pain.  Working hunched over a laptop curls the shoulders,  head and belly all forward creating muscle tension.  Having that laptop sitting on a desk usually brings the shoulders up creating muscle tension.  Simple solution is to have an external keyboard on a slide out keyboard tray and have the laptop raised up so that the top of the screen is at the top of your head.  Whew!  That is better!

Stage 4.  Stress:  Do you control what happens?  You react to what happens.  How you react is based on what you believe about that.  You do have the ability to examine your beliefs that determine how you react to Stress.

So is there any question that stress creates tension and makes the pain worse?  What about Stress changing Posture?  Think about when you feel the shock of fear?  What posture does that look like?  What about worry and caution?  What does that body look like?  Is it different than victory and celebration?  Is it different than knowing you are completely supported?

Moving from pain to supported.  This is my work, experiencing complete support.  Working through this together is my path.  I lead people through the stages of Pain, Tension, Posture and Stress.  Would you like to join me?  I offer a free consult email or call 520-449-2128.  Thanks and be well!

Gary Olsen

Migraine Massage Testimonial from Pharmacist

Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Pain: 3 Easy Steps to Peace Now

3 Easy Steps to Stop Anxiety and Pain.
3 Easy Steps to Get Peace Now!

Anxiety and Pain suck!  One of the best times in my practice is witnessing people receiving relief and joy.  As we take simple steps walk through the anxiety and fear the peace comes.  It is not what we think.  We as people are programed to move toward safety and away from fear.  Move away from what hurts.

This is great and a base survival mechanism.  We need it.  The challenge (Continue Reading)

Postural Correction Work to Relieve Pain Long Term

Myofascial Massage is great for pain relief of all kinds!  What is myofasical massage?  What is fascia?  The fascia or connective tissue runs everywhere in the body.  This is what can get stuck and restricts motion creating pain.

How does Myofascial Massage work to relieve pain?  If I am having trouble with my back spasming what does massage do? Continue reading “Postural Correction Work to Relieve Pain Long Term”

Massage for Effective Alternative Migraine Relief Treatment

Migraine Relief Massage Therapy

You may ask as I did, does massage therapy really break the cycle of migraines?  Well lets ask United Healthcare.

You want to be done with the migraine pain.  For most pain symptoms we can achieve 80% relief in just a couple of weeks.  From there we can determine how your body has responded and what is needed for additional care.  Yes, you can reduce the pain and suffering in a short time.

Overall it is a great investment in money and time!  (more to come on this)…

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