Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Pain: 3 Easy Steps to Peace Now

3 Easy Steps to Stop Anxiety and Pain.
3 Easy Steps to Get Peace Now!

Anxiety and Pain suck!  One of the best times in my practice is witnessing people receiving relief and joy.  As we take simple steps walk through the anxiety and fear the peace comes.  It is not what we think.  We as people are programed to move toward safety and away from fear.  Move away from what hurts.

This is great and a base survival mechanism.  We need it.  The challenge (Continue Reading)

Postural Correction Work to Relieve Pain Long Term

Myofascial Massage is great for pain relief of all kinds!  What is myofasical massage?  What is fascia?  The fascia or connective tissue runs everywhere in the body.  This is what can get stuck and restricts motion creating pain.

How does Myofascial Massage work to relieve pain?  If I am having trouble with my back spasming what does massage do? Continue reading “Postural Correction Work to Relieve Pain Long Term”

Massage for Effective Alternative Migraine Relief Treatment

Migraine Relief Massage Therapy

You may ask as I did, does massage therapy really break the cycle of migraines?  Well lets ask United Healthcare.

You want to be done with the migraine pain.  For most pain symptoms we can achieve 80% relief in just a couple of weeks.  From there we can determine how your body has responded and what is needed for additional care.  Yes, you can reduce the pain and suffering in a short time.

Overall it is a great investment in money and time!  (more to come on this)…

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