Ouch, I was in a Car Accident, Massage Please!

Massage: car accident injury relief.  Yes car accidents cause pain, Massage causes relief.  Good idea!  Auto Insurance pays:  Great Idea!

Massage helps you get over the shock and trauma from the accident. Whiplash and low back pain are common injuries after a car crash.  Many people walk away shaken up but not thinking they have had an injury until the next morning.  When that soreness hits and you notice it is hard to turn your head and neck without pain that is when you realize you need some help.

Massage is perfect for gently and quickly guiding the body back to healthy and happy recovery.  Massage helps relieve the pain and reduce the tension in the area that is causing the pain.  This lets you get back to your wonderful life.

Ouch I was in a car accident in 1997 that had me injured and out of work.  I used massage for recovery so I could get back to working in my practice and earning money.  Whew!  So good.  The car insurance company pays for the massage treatments.

Yes since 1999 I have been using massage to help people with injury recovery after car accidents.  Yes auto insurance pays for massage for pain relief and getting your body and mind back to normal after the collision.

The second best advice after get massage is to get Medical Coverage on your auto insurance. Call you agent and add Medical Coverage to you auto policy! Seriously, do it now! This coverage costs about $8 per month for $5000 worth of coverage for each person in your vehicle per accident even if you are at fault. If the other party is at fault, this policy pays then the other insurance pays again and you get it in cash. Double duty. That is good stuff!

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Gary Olsen, recovered