So you don't have to drive after your massage.


Massage at home.  For some people this is the best, the ultimate.  You get to stay home and get very deeply relaxing massage, then take a nap.  You do not need to put yourself together to go out and you don’t need to worry about driving after.  Let the tension melt away.

So imagine it.  Will you give this to yourself, in your home?  How will your body like that?  Can you get used to that and do it again?

This is a professional therapeutic massage.  I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and have practiced for 20 years.  For your comfort you want the best.

When your body relaxes your mind relaxes.  When your mind relaxes all is well.

Call me to schedule your massage at your place.


Gary Olsen, Tucson Family Wellness, Licensed Massage Therapist 21 years, AMTA Member



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