Migraine Massage: 4 Stages to Relieve Migraines

Migraines do not have to control your life.  Here I will share 4 Stages of Getting Out of Pain.  If you have migraine pain there are 3 other stages that you want to know about to reduce pain and get back in control.

Stage 1.  Pain:  In the past 20 years of being a massage therapist most of the people who come with me have pain that they want to be relieved.  Massage is very good for this!  It is very comforting.  There are so many techniques that relieve pain and allow other sensations to fill that space and spread through the whole body.

Stage 2.  Muscle Tension:  Here is where we determine where the pain is coming from.  With Neuro-Muscular Massage Therapy the research shows when a point in the muscles of the neck that has a lot of tension in it and a trigger point the pain shows up in the head.  Oh, that means the source is in the neck and the symptom (pain) is in the head.  I teach people how and where to attend to the muscle tension points on their own between massage sessions.  The picture shows 2 trigger points and the red areas are the pain.  

Stage 3.  Posture:  So moving more into the driver’s seat and away from pain, what causes that muscle tension that is causing pain?  I evaluate posture to see what muscles are holding short and what ones are overstretched.  We use myofascial work to open up those areas that have been holding short and tight.  Bad computer workstations are a huge contributor to muscle tension that causes pain.  Working hunched over a laptop curls the shoulders,  head and belly all forward creating muscle tension.  Having that laptop sitting on a desk usually brings the shoulders up creating muscle tension.  Simple solution is to have an external keyboard on a slide out keyboard tray and have the laptop raised up so that the top of the screen is at the top of your head.  Whew!  That is better!

Stage 4.  Stress:  Do you control what happens?  You react to what happens.  How you react is based on what you believe about that.  You do have the ability to examine your beliefs that determine how you react to Stress.

So is there any question that stress creates tension and makes the pain worse?  What about Stress changing Posture?  Think about when you feel the shock of fear?  What posture does that look like?  What about worry and caution?  What does that body look like?  Is it different than victory and celebration?  Is it different than knowing you are completely supported?

Moving from pain to supported.  This is my work, experiencing complete support.  Working through this together is my path.  I lead people through the stages of Pain, Tension, Posture and Stress.  Would you like to join me?  I offer a free consult email gary@tucsonfamilywellness.com or call 520-449-2128.  Thanks and be well!

Gary Olsen

Migraine Massage Testimonial from Pharmacist