How to discover your way through pain.

Migraine pain… How do emotional reactions relate to migraine pain?  When you think about the migraine what sensations do you notice in the body?  What emotions to you notice?  Separately identifying the body sensations and the emotions have a huge positive impact on the body experience of pain.  With the letting go of panic, the noticing of ok-ness is there when we can have these experiences separately.  Notice the sensation in the body, then the image of suffering and loss, then the emotion of panic and fear.  Where do you feel the fear in the body?  Where dose does that hit you?  Slow it down.  Witness.  Just the environment, the body in that environment.  Sensations.   Support.  Breath.


Migraines can be part of a habit.  There are habits of pain, panic, fear.  Come back to the environment, listening to the sounds, the breath… notice the next time the mind wanders and fear happens, this big thing, big reaction comes up.  What is happening?  Now in the environment of the body, what is the breath doing?  Notice the pause between drama and big or small swing of emotions.  Exciting.  Exhilarating.  Addicting.  And there it goes.  Gone.  Ha.  Smile.

You are ok.  It is ok.  I am ok.  Now.  Heartbeat.  A nice place to visit.  Check out.  Clean up.  Move in.  Reside.  Are you Ok?  Until the next w swing of emotion and thought.  Are you Ok now?  Until the next movie comes along and we jump in, whoa it is a roller coaster, up and down, blame, anger, want, resentment and fear.  That gets the adrenaline going.  What sensations are happening in the biology now?  Tingling, warmth?  Breeze moving, the heart beating.  Wonderful!

Coming back to noticing reality is wonderful.  What is actually happening?  Now, now and next?  Without the story of migraine what is happening?  Without the story of migraine are you Ok?  Notice the next time you are off on a mental trip and how those emotions rev up the story.  What is the movie?  Come back to breath, body, reality, and welcome sensation.

Reality and the sensation conveyor belt is way better than the story we put on it.  I love you.  Enjoy your sensations and emotions.  Arn’t they exciting?!?