Postural Correction Work to Relieve Pain Long Term

Myofascial Massage is great for pain relief of all kinds!  What is myofasical massage?  What is fascia?  The fascia or connective tissue runs everywhere in the body.  This is what can get stuck and restricts motion creating pain.

How does Myofascial Massage work to relieve pain?  If I am having trouble with my back spasming what does massage do?

With Myofascial Massage Therapy we look at the posture and way the body is moving or not moving. We learn a lot from where you have pain and in what movements the pain shows up. The fascia is connective tissue that can get all stuck and glommed together. It comes in as a remedy for an injury. It restricts motion so that another injury does not happen to the area. It can be way overprotective. If you respond to pain by not moving or giving up an activity that you love to do, this can be a very negative effect.  You want to stay active and engaged in life.  Stay in the game.  We help you do that.

For you the primary motivation is to be able to move without pain.  That is our focus.  Function without pain.  Slowly and gently moving to test where it hurts is a great assessment.  Is the pain more on one side or the other?  Is it in the low back or mid-back?  Center or more on the side.  Is it sharp, dull, constant?  When does it come on?  When is it the worst?  What makes it better?

Just paying attention to answer these questions can give you and your therapist great clues to be well on your way out of pain.   Movement gently to find and then repeat movement where it does not hurt is great.  Moving to the edge of where it  just starts to hurt a little bit and then back into the range of where it is better sets the body at ease.  This is training the body to feel good by moving in a way and range that feels good.  Makes sense right?


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